Our Manufacturing and Production Activities

Shapers’ can support projects relate to both plastic and composite parts.

Thanks to our skilled teams, Shapers’ can support projects globally using its full in house service capability. Alternatively, services can be selected individually according to the client’s project needs.

We are here to support you at every stage, we can provide :

  • Part development (design, calculation, feasibility, product analysis, specification, surface treatment…)
  • Process development (e.g. gluing, punching, chroming, painting…)
  • Packaging (logistics support development…)
  • Supply chain (parts production, quality, storage, logistics…)

With our injection moulding machines ranging from 80 to 3200 tons we can satisfy most low and medium all volume production requirements, as well as associated downstream processes such as: Priming and Colour Painting, Welding, Bonding, Assembly and Etching

We can also offer over moulding of organo-sheet material.